The Basics Of Managed Services

When most people here the term “managed services”, it’s too general to actually mean much, but the reality is that it could be the very thing that protects your business from going completely under.

That may sound overly dramatic, but the truth is that managed IT services can save your business.


Simple. Many companies around Atlanta would come to an immediate standstill if their computers quit working or their data was compromised. Preventing that from happening is only the beginning of what a managed IT service provider does for you.

Definition Of Managed Services

Believe it or not, there are many companies out there that have “a guy” (or gal) who is responsible for all the IT in the company. This person typically has other responsibilities, but he or she also takes care of buying, repairing, licensing, protecting, supplying all the computers, printers and phone systems used at the company. It can get overwhelming very quickly.

The concept of manage services began back in the 1990s when companies started hiring outsourced IT experts to manage their systems. These vendor partners worked closely with management or a specific designee to suggest the most efficient IT solutions for the business along with all the other tasks mentioned above (and probably others).

The relationship between managed service providers (MSPs) and businesses has grown ever since. It’s a working relationship that’s mutually beneficial and allows the business to focus on the core mission rather than get bogged down and distracted from what makes them profitable.

Size Of Companies Using MSPs

The truth is that larger companies often decide to hire IT staff to manage their network and connected devices, so hiring an outsourced IT provider makes only makes sense for small to mid-sized companies.
Some people think the size of the company is only measured by their annual revenue, but the truth is, when you’re talking about IT, the size really does boil down to the number of computers or connected devices

Here at Uplinked IT Services, we work with businesses that have anywhere from 1-100 computers typically.

Why Consider Hiring A Managed Service Provider?

There are a lot of great reasons to use an MSP, but here’s a quick list:

· Helps your business select the right IT solutions to save money and be more efficient/productive
· Stays current on IT solutions (so you don’t have to)
· Brings effective solutions to your company from other verticals
· Saves your staff the time, energy and confusion of trying to stay on top of licensing, updating and managing software/hardware.
· Let’s your staff stay focused on the things needed to keep your company profitable instead of IT related distractions
· Acts as a guard dog for your data and network
· Helps you identify and implement data backup and disaster recovery solutions to protect your business
· Gives you the extra hands you need when implementing changes to your IT system
· Provides feedback, advice and recommendations about cloud storage solutions
· Gives your business expert help desk solutions to manage day to day issues.

When you add up the cost of paying your employees to juggle all of these duties with or without the proper expertise plus the cost of any issues related to IT, hiring an MSP pays for itself many times over.

Call the staff at Uplink IT Services today to discuss what we can do for your business. You’ll be glad you made the call.

We’re The Affordable Managed Service Provider

We specialize in working with companies that have 10-20 computers or more. This means we provide affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. When you consider how much time is poured down the drain with your staff trying to keep your system running, bringing on an outsourced IT provider just makes good sense.

The question isn’t “Can I afford a managed IT company?” The question is can you afford not to?

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