Managed IT Services

The best IT services are the ones you never have to think about, things just work the way they’re supposed to.  As your Managed Service Provider, we can monitor and manage your technology so you can spend more time running your business!

Managed Services You Can Trust

Your business depends upon information technology. Not only can you not afford any downtime, but you need a trusted team of experts looking into the future to anticipate problems that could occur down the road. You need a partner that can help you stay current, manage costs and lower expenses. That’s Uplinked IT Services.

We support businesses in many different industries. We’re here to help our clients stay current, connected and productive, all at affordable pricing.

What Does Managed IT Services Involve?

If you have less than 25 computers in your company, chances are that someone on your staff has the additional job of trying to keep those computers running. This means that one individual is responsible for maintaining the appropriate licenses, buying hardware, installing appropriate software, managing repairs, and most importantly, keeping the network secure from hackers.

As the number of computers grows, so do the responsibilities and number of tasks necessary to keep the network functional. This is where a managed service provider can help. The staff at Uplinked IT Services is your on-demand IT staff.

Our job is to help our clients with service offerings like:

  • Managing network security & risk mitigation
  • Help desk support
  • Decisions about hardware procurement
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Managing connectivity and bandwidth
  • Providing and maintaining data storage
  • Appropriate data backup & disaster recovery solutions
  • Software licensing, installations, and upgrades
  • Hardware procurement
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Providing direction for future upgrades to your network

These are just a few of the many different tasks a managed service provider can help you with. We are your outsourced IT department here to help you with every need your company may have.

No “One Size Fits All” Managed IT Solutions

Because different companies have different needs, we customize our solutions to meet your business goals. This means we will need to complete a brief assessment of what hardware and software your business relies on in order to develop a specific plan for how to help improve and maintain your network.

We will provide suggestions and ideas to help you stay ahead of the IT curve and increase productivity while effectively managing costs.

Why Work With A Managed IT Company?

When you are a small or mid sized business, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Here are the benefits of working with an outsourced IT company:

  • Saves time for your staff
  • Provides an experienced resource for all IT needs
  • Gives you on-demand technical support
  • Helps control costs by foreseeing and managing issues earlier
  • Maintains your network to improve operations
  • Allows you to adapt and be flexible with your systems
  • Gives you professional solutions vs patchwork or guesses
  • Helps you turn IT into a strategic advantage

The individual benefits might be different for your company, but our goal is to partner with our clients to help improve their IT systems so they can focus on core business functions.

As for the downside of working with an IT provider? People often say the costs are the issue, but we are typically able to save our clients thousands with our recommendations.

We’re The Affordable Managed Service Provider

We specialize in working with companies that have 10-20 computers or more. This means we provide affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. When you consider how much time is poured down the drain with your staff trying to keep your systems running, bringing on an outsourced IT provider just makes good sense.

The question isn’t “Can I afford a managed IT company?” The question is can you afford not to?

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