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Cybersecurity Focused

The technology landscape has become more dangerous than ever, crawling with bad actors who want to steal your data, your money, and your livelihood.

That’s why cybersecurity must be at the core of your business technology.

Network Monitoring & Management

When you get that dreadful call at 3:00am giving the bad news that the network is down again, that’s a tell-tale sign that you need to become proactive with your security. We can help you set up critical infrastructure protection.

Our staff specializes in securing and monitoring the perimeter of your network, servers, applications, and devices to keep intruders away and to ensure that it stays up and running smoothly.

Our engineers monitor your network 24/7/365 and will detect, verify, and act upon problems before they become serious downtime occurrences. This aids in eliminating any issues throughout your network to improve performance.

Call us to help you set up an effective cybersecurity framework for your business.

Malware Protection and Monitoring

These days, if you have a computer system, you have to guard it agains unwanted attacks. It seems like you hear about ransomware attacks in the news nearly every week lately. We’re here to help act as your network guard dogs.

If you want to keep Malware, Viruses and Spam from becoming major threats within your business network, we only use the best antivirus services available to actively protect and monitor your servers and endpoints. When it comes to keeping your sensitive information secure, we help you sleep at night.

Without the correct detection systems in place and prevention, an infected computer can spread to every computer/device in your network causing destruction to everything in its path that is not protected which can cost your company tens of thousands if not more. Prevention and protection begin with making sure your network is secure with a Firewall and there is Endpoint security software on each device.

Let us help protect your network against these cyber threats. Call us today to get started.

Security Awareness Training

It’s extremely vital that your employees are educated when it comes to today’s cyber-attacks. We offer personalized Cybersecurity training for your team to identify and avoid hacking attempts via spoofing, phishing, spear phishing, and social engineering.

Our training gives a complete, effective way to help your employees to lower risk and modify behaviors at every level of your business. Users will get hands-on training at identifying and avoiding a broad range of security risks with a growing knowledge base. Our training materials are designed to provide security awareness and allow users to understand the importance of Cybersecurity.

Data Protection

It’s a fact that when it comes to the business environment, we are data driven and need to handle a huge amount of information each day. Businesses rely on always having access and availability to that data. There’s simply no room for unsecured business-critical data as well as applications.

We provide efficient and effective backup of your company’s data to keep you going in case of a data breach with data protection, disaster recovery, backup, and constant availability migration and beyond.

Call us to help you set up effective onsite and off site redundant backup systems to keep your data safe from worst case scenarios.

Cybersecurity solutions designed for You

At Uplinked IT Services, we aren’t tied to any specific service providers.  We select the best security solutions from across the globe in order to bring you products and services that are right for your business.

Call us when you want security products tailor made for your needs vs the limits of any individual company.

As a Cybersecurity services provider, we provide the knowledge and expertise in creating a tailored cybersecurity to your business needs. Uplinked IT Services is focused on proactive strategies to prevent and defend you against cyber-attacks.  You can have confidence knowing that your business is safe and secure. Call us today!

We’re The Affordable Managed Service Provider

We specialize in working with companies that have 10 computers or more.  We provide affordable pricing and outstanding customer service. When you consider how much time is poured down the drain with your staff trying to keep your system running, bringing on an outsourced IT provider just makes good sense.

The question isn’t “Can I afford a managed IT company?” The question is can you afford not to?

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