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We provide global IT solutions to local companies.

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Uplinked IT Services provides Managed Information Technology (IT) Services to the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan and surrounding areas. As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), we help small to medium sized businesses with their IT needs so that they can focus on their core business functions without the distraction of technology issues.

Businesses of all sizes need effective and efficient information technology systems to succeed in today’s business climate.  When your IT systems are underdeveloped or poorly supported, your business can experience downtime, loss of revenue, loss of clients, and possibly even business failure. Small businesses can rarely afford to hire their own IT support staff, but there is a great alternative! As your local Managed Service Provider, we can provide an effective outsourcing option for your business, one that can connect you to a team of experts to provide strategic and proactive solutions to your IT needs, and be available to respond to and resolve technology outages.

Our History

Uplinked founder Larry Spencer has been in the Managed Services industry since 2004 and is passionate about helping business owners focus on growing their businesses without being burdened by the distraction of IT problems.  Technology is invaluable in your business.  Our goal is to first make your computer systems stable and effective, and then go to the next level by helping you find ways to leverage technology so you can be more competitive and more profitable.  Our commitment is to bring the world’s best IT expertise to your business right here in the Atlanta area.

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