Free IT Budget Planner Spreadsheet

So, here we are at the end of the year and you are in a time crunch to prepare your IT Budget for next year, welcome to the club!

But, we are here to help!  We have a resource that can help you get started on an effective budget.  It is our Free IT Budget Planner Spreadsheet, linked below!

You probably want to jump right into it and get started, go ahead!  It is pretty much self-explanatory.  But if you do have any issues or questions, feel free to shoot me an email.  My email address is in the spreadsheet for your convenience.

Good Luck!


The Free IT Budget Planner Spreadsheet is yours free, it is meant to help you sort out your IT needs and put a cost on them so you can plan for next year.  It is a great budget planning tool, with some common costs to help you remember everything you’ll need.  Obviously, your organization will have some technology costs that are unique to you, so this is a basic starting point.  Here are some things it covers:

  • Cybersecurity
    • A lot of cybersecurity efforts are baked into the cost of other categories, but there are some specific cybersecurity costs to consider such as:
      • Password management tools
      • Firewall subscriptions
      • Network monitoring
      • Security awareness training
      • Multi-factor authentication
      • Antivirus
      • Endpoint Detection and Response
      • AntiSpam
      • Data Backup
      • Disaster Recovery
    • Labor costs for your internal IT team or outsourced team(s)
    • Hardware Replacement
      • Rule of thumb: replace devices every 3-5 years. You can select a replacement frequency to automatically calculate costs.
      • Columns for average cost of new, quantity to replace, and total cost for the year
    • New Hardware
      • New employees
      • New servers for new software, new tools, new processes
      • New firewalls, switches, routers, etc. for new sites or increased capacity
    • Software
      • Existing software:
        • Productivity software (i.e. Microsoft 365, Adobe, etc.)
        • Line of Business applications (software that is specific to your industry/organization)
      • New software to make your business more efficient, secure, profitable
    • Communications
      • Internet
      • Phones / VoiP
    • Renewals
      • Warranties on existing hardware that you plan to keep
      • Annual maintenance subscriptions for software, hardware, firewalls, etc.
      • SSL certificates and domains
    • Cyber Insurance
      • Make sure you are adequately insured against ransomware and other breaches based on your projected revenue and exposure for next year
    • New Initiatives for each department (Operations, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Administration)
      • Return on Investment (ROI) – How will the New Initiatives increase profits or benefit the company
        • Reduced labor?
        • Increased capacity?
        • Better security?
        • Better quality of your products/services?
        • Improved Employee Satisfaction?
      • Pie Charts and summaries showing how much each category costs

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