What 5 Applications Should You Be Using in Your Small Business this Year?

  1. LastPass

If you aren’t using a password manager, your business is at a serious risk.  81% of hacking comes from bad password hygiene.   

Why we love LastPass:

Rarely does better cybersecurity mean more convenience.  But with LastPass, you can have more secure passwords without having to memorize 171+ passwords.  And if you need to share login info with someone, you can do so without giving them the actual password.  LastPass also gives you a Security Score so you can see exactly how secure your passwords are (and easily change them).

  1. Microsoft To Do

The To Do list manager that can easily transfer between your phone and your computer, so you can add coffee creamer to your grocery list while you create a proposal, without losing your train of thought.

Why we love Microsoft To Do:

Easily create segmented lists, so you can detail every step of a project. Add items to your day, and due dates. The best part? When you check off an item, you get a lovely bell sound in celebration.

  1. Fiverr

Small businesses often try to do their own design with sometimes embarrassing results. Fiverr does the design work for you, at an affordable price.


 Why we love Fiverr:

Go to Fiverr for a new logo, marketing design, video production, even voice over acting! You can browse an artist’s previous work and negotiate price. Some work is available and ready for you to customize with your business name and chosen color scheme. All work purchased through Fiverr is your intellectual property after purchase.


  1. Canva

Marketing is imperative for any small business. While most small businesses can’t afford to hire a marketer, tools like Canva make beautiful marketing more accessible and less expensive.

Why we love Canva:

Similar to Fiverr, Canva is great for designs. But this is more of a do-it-yourself model. The website gives you access to a plethora of templates, stock photos, and fonts. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily create campaign materials such as postcards and website pages.


  1. Microsoft Teams

A Microsoft product made the list twice because, let’s be honest, they know their stuff. Microsoft Teams has become invaluable since so many people now work from home.

Why we love Microsoft Teams:

A great place to chat without sending a full email, easy to jump on a video call with one or multiple users, and quick access to documents uploaded into the cloud. Even if you are in the same room, you can make use of screen sharing to show off your new logo you had made on Fiverr.


What is the most important program/website you’ve been using in your small business? Did your favorite make the list?

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